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Juvenile law is broken into two divisions. One which is called delinquency is for minors charged with crimes. The other is dependency and neglect where parents are charged with abusing or neglecting their children. I have extensive experience in both divisions.

Delinquency / Criminal

Whether the charge is a felony or misdemeanor, all cases cause a finding of delinquency instead of guilty. Punishment may range from probation to incarceration in a juvenile detention facility. Juvenile records are no longer always sealed, so they may be considered by others in some events. Call William O. Walters, an experienced juvenile defense attorney to defend your child.

Dependency / Neglect

If you have been charged with causing dependency or neglect, you may lose custody or even the ability to visit your children. You need to call William O. Walters, an experienced juvenile defense attorney, to help you fight DCFS and the court system to keep or regain custody and/or visitation with your children.

Contact William O. Walters, an experience juvenile defense attorney, as soon as possible to defend your child, or to retain the custody of your children.

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